Spaghetti or Pasta alla Carbonara

A little bit of history.
Already in the old traditional recipes from Lazio and Abruzzo – two regions of Central Italy – we can find the mix cheese and eggs. But the real recipe of Pasta alla Carbonara comes from the recent past: in 1944 the american soldiers of the Fifth Army Corps arrived in Rome taking bacon and powdered eggs and an unknown, but smart cook created this wonderful recipe.
This is not an elaborate recipe but it’s better to keep an eye on the step’s timing. Carbonara needs to be served immediately when it’s hot and freshly cooked.
In some recipes in the web you can find cream, butter, garlic….Attention this ingredients don’t belong to the real italian Pasta alla Carbonara, you never find them in the “bibles” of cooking!
And now the recipe…
✔ easy
⌛ preparation time 10′
♨ cooking time 15′
serves 4

•    eggs 4
•    Parmigiano cheese 140 g
•    salt and black peppercorns
•    bacon 120 g
•   olive oil 30g
•    spaghetti 400 g

First prepare all the ingredients, so you don’t waste time.
Fill a large pot with cold tap water – at least 1 liter each 100 g of pasta – and allow the water to bubble and boil.
Break 3 eggs in the bowl where you think to serve the Pasta, than discard the white of the fourth and add the yolk. Grate the Parmigiano cheese and mix it with the eggs, a pinch of salt and generous pepper, fresh grated.
Dice the bacon, put the olive oil in a sauce pan  than add the bacon and cook it until is going brown and crunchy.
Certainly, at this time, the water is boiling so add a couple of pinches of salt and, when the boil starts again,  place in the spaghetti. Stir gently the pasta with a wood spoon every 2-3 minutes and cook it for 1 minute less than the time you can find on the package. Normally it takes 7 o 10 minute. In any case the spaghetti should be “al dente”, an italian expression you can translate “to the tooth”. What does it mean? It should have a little bit of resistance to biting and not be totally sloppy. Please, never overcook the spaghetti otherwise they become like glue!
Now begins the trouble: you must add first the oil of the bacon to the eggs, but you have to do it very gently, little by little otherwise the eggs thicken. And stir them quickly. After, only when you finish the oil, you can add the bacon.
Save one ladle of the cooking water, pour the pasta into the strainer and allow the water to drain, shaking to remove any excess water.  But never rinse! Put the pasta in the bowl – also this little by little – Add two or three spoons of cooking water – only what you need to have a more creamy sauce – than stir again.

Serve it immediately.


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